Our approach

Our approach


At METRO, corporate responsibility (CR) is expressed through a rigorous approach to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our business practices. Our ambitions are driven by the commitment of our teams and executives to create value for METRO and society.


the health and well-being of our communities

Message from Our President

Over the years, we have remained committed to making a positive impact in our communities as reflected in our purpose, which is to nourish the health and well-being of these communities. We believe that our approach to corporate responsibility is an asset in realizing our purpose and evolving our business to meet the changing needs of society.

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Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the member states of the United Nations General Assembly, including Canada, unanimously adopted the resolution to establish the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be attained by 2030, including to eliminate poverty, achieve gender equality and protect the planet.

With its CR plan, METRO is contributing to several of these goals.

Logo United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Icon 2 - Zero HungerIcon 3 - Good Health and well-beingIcon 4 - Quality EducationIcon 5 - Gender EqualityIcon 7 - énergie proAffordable And Clean EnergyIcon 8 - Decent Work And Economic GrowthIcon 9 - Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure Icon 10 - Reduced InequalitiesIcon 12 - Responsible Consumption And ProductionIcon 13 - Climate ActionIcon 14 - Life Below WaterIcon 15 - Life On Land
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United Nations SDGs


Our CR approach

Materiality assessment

In 2021, we conducted a materiality assessment to identify ESG issues on which we could take action and have the greatest impact on our business, society and our stakeholders.

Conducted in collaboration with an external consulting firm and in accordance with internationally recognized sustainability standards, this exercise enabled us to identify the ESG issues on which to base our 2022-2026 CR plan.

Materiality matrix

The METRO materiality matrix was developed in accordance with the GRI

X axis: topics with the greatest impact on METRO

Y axis: topics with the greatest influence on METRO stakeholder assessments and decisions

Graphic - Materiality matrix
Dialogue avec nos parties prenantes - Clients - Collègues - Fournisseurs - Investisseurs - Groupes d'intérêt - Partenaires communautaires

Transparent and constructive communication with our stakeholders has been part of our CR approach for more than a decade and enables us to improve our mutual understanding of issues. With our stakeholders, we lead discussions on current topics, implementation challenges, improvement levers and emerging issues.

Our goal is to create value for our stakeholders, and we believe our commitment to them and an ongoing dialogue are key to the success of our CR approach

For more information about our approach, see our 2022-2026 Corporate Responsibility Plan (PDF)


Our action plan

Managing key social issues is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders in society. Our 2022-2026 Corporate Responsibility (CR) plan constitutes an effective lever to contribute to these efforts and create value for METRO. Our ESG priorities are grouped under the four pillars of our approach and are supported by solid business fundamentals that ensure METRO's sound management and vitality.

Our priorities

icon feuille bonhommeResponsible procurement

icon bonhommeHealth, nutrition and well-being

icon feuillePackaging and printed materials

icon feuilleClimate change

icon feuilleWaste

icon feuilleFood Waste

icon bonhommeEquity, diversity and inclusion

icon bonhommeSocioeconomic contribution

Graphique - Gestion intégrée des enjeux ESG

Our business fundamentals

icon bonhommeProduct quality and safety

icon bonhommeEmployee health and well-being

icon engrenageData security

icon engrenageResponsible marketing

icon engrenageEthics and integrity

icon engrenageSound governance

icon engrenageCustomer satisfaction


Our ESG priorities

We identified the ESG issues for which our actions could make a difference and made them the eight priorities of our plan. Objectives were set out for each priority and are grouped under the four pillars of our approach: products and services, environment,
colleagues and communities.

Our business fundamentals

We introduce a new dimension to this plan: business fundamentals. These principles, which were clearly identified in the materiality analysis, are key ESG factors that are part of METRO’s day-to-day activities. They will be subject to disclosure, along with our priorities, in our corporate documents.

For more information about our approach, see our 2022-2026 Corporate Responsibility Plan (PDF)


Our governance structure

METRO’s corporate responsibility governance is integrated into the Corporation’s management structure, led by the executive team. It relies on specific individuals throughout the decision-making and implementation processes, all under the oversight of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

Oversees the Corporation’s activities and disclosure related to corporate responsibility, including ESG matters through the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee. The Board approves corporate responsibility plans and reports.

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Executive Committee

Approves the corporate responsibility strategy, and ensures the priorities are in line with the Corporation's business strategy and that objectives have been achieved.

See the management team

Vice-Presidency, Public Affairs and Communications

Develops strategic corporate responsibility directives and reports on progress to the Executive Committee and to the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee.


In-house teams

Reporting to the vice-presidencies responsible for the programs of the corporate responsibility plan, the teams assigned to the initiatives ensure their progress against the goals and targets set.

Visit the Governance section of our corporate website to learn more about our practices and policies


Reference documents

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