Corporate Governance


Governance Practices

The Board of Directors of METRO inc. (the “Corporation”) believes that good corporate governance is essential and the Corporation imposes to its directors, officers and employees a rigorous code of ethics.

The Corporation intends to comply as much as possible with the guidelines adopted by the Canadian Securities Administrators and with the standards of other regulatory bodies. The following table sets forth the statement of corporate governance practices of the Corporation. The information therein contained is up to date as at December 10, 2021, and will be further updated in December 2022 in view of the filing of the Management Proxy Circular for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held in 2023.

Corporate Responsibility

METRO’s corporate responsibility governance is part of the Corporation’s management structure, is driven by the leadership of its executive team and relies on specific individuals in each decision-making and implementation stage, under the guidance of the Board of Directors. See the Governance and the Reference Documents sections for more details.

Statement, policies and mandates

Statement of Corporate Governance Practices

Mandate of the Board of Directors

Mandate of the Chair of the Board of Directors

Mandate of Committee Chairs

Majority Voting Policy 

Shareholder Engagement Policy

Diversity Policy of the Board of Directors

Policy on External Boards

Policy Regarding the Resignation of a Director

Policy regarding complaints

Chair of the Board Selection Policy

Codes of Ethics and Incentive Plans

Code of Ethics of the Directors

Code of Conduct of Metro Employees 

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