Management Team

Management Team


Eric R. La Flèche

Eric R. La Flèche

President and Chief Executive Officer
François Thibault

François Thibault

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Marc Giroux

Marc Giroux

Executive Vice President, Quebec Division Head and eCommerce
Carmen Fortino

Carmen Fortino

Executive Vice President, Ontario Division Head and National Supply Chain
Serge Boulanger

Serge Boulanger

Senior Vice President, National Procurement and Corporate Brands
Martin Allaire

Martin Allaire

Vice President, Real Estate and Engineering
Marie-Claude Bacon

Marie-Claude Bacon

Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
Geneviève Bich

Geneviève Bich

Vice President, Human Resources
Mireille Desjarlais

Mireille Desjarlais

Vice President, Corporate Controller
Éric Legault

Éric Legault

Vice President, Technology Infrastructure
Frédéric Legault

Frédéric Legault

Vice President, Information Systems
Frédéric Legault

Gino Plevano

Vice President, Digital Strategy and Online Shopping
Simon Rivet

Simon Rivet

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Yves Vézina

Yves Vézina

National Vice President, Logistics and Distribution


Marc Giroux

Executive Vice President, Quebec Division Head and eCommerce

Jean-Guy Tremblay

Senior Vice President – Super C

Denis Brisebois

Vice President, Retail Operations – Metro

Loïc Cloutier

Vice President, Operations – Super C

Éric Côté

Vice President, National Procurement, Grocery

Éric Dubois

Vice President, Project Management

Richard Frenkcuec

Vice President, Retail Execution and Customer Experience – Metro

Marie-France Gibson

Vice President, Corporate Brands

Christian Houle

Vice President and Controller, Quebec

Claude Jauvin

Vice President, National Procurement, Fresh Products

Anna Kolakowski

Vice President, Merchandising – Super C

Caroline Larocque

Vice-President, Logistics and Distribution, Quebec

Patrice Marchand

Vice President, National Procurement, Produce

Richard Pruneau

Vice President, Merchandising, Fresh Products – Metro

Pierre Rhéaume

Vice President, Real Estate

Ginette Richard

Vice President, Proximity Banners

Alain Tadros

Vice President, Marketing

Martin Turcotte

Vice President, Merchandising, Grocery, Metro



Carmen Fortino

Executive Vice President, Ontario Division Head and National Supply Chain

Joe Fusco

Senior Vice President – Metro

Paul Bravi

Senior Vice President – Food Basics

Marcel Boulianne

Vice-President, Meat Merchandising and Replenishment

Louisa Furtado

Vice President, Human Resources Ontario and Health and Safety

Dan Gabbard

Vice President, Logistics and Distribution

André Gagné

Vice President, Fresh Merchandising – Metro

Sal Galle

Vice President, Merchandising – Food Basics

Lyman Kwok

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations

John Manax

Vice President, Operations – Food Basics

Jim Mantua

Vice President, Real Estate

Peter Marlow

Vice President, Operations – Metro

Mike Thomson

Vice President, Grocery Merchandising – Metro

David Ward

Vice President and Controller, Ontario

Tom Zakrzewski

Vice President, Labour Relations

The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc.

Alain Champagne


Jean-Michel Coutu

Senior Vice President, PJC Jean Coutu

Alain Boudreault

Vice President, and Leader of the Combination Office

Daniel Côté

Vice President, Logistics and Distribution

Guy Franche

Vice President and Controller, JCG and McMahon

Josée Houle

Vice President, Operations, Brunet and McMahon

Nathalie Plante

Vice President, Pharmacy

Gaétan Sauriol

Vice President, Franchisee Relations and Corporate Development


Adonis Group

Christian Bourbonnière

President, Adonis Group

Michel Cheaib

Vice President, Merchandising

Éric Provost

Vice President, Operations



As of October 22, 2019