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Products of Quebec: innovation program at Metro

Metro has created an innovation program designed to intake the entry of all interested producers and manufacturers of unique products being created in Quebec. To submit an idea, email and the team is committed to responding within 72 hours to all relevant entries to outline next steps.

What kind of products are we looking for?

  • It can correspond to a food trend;
  • It can have a unique list of ingredients;
  • It can have a packaging that stands out by different criteria;
  • It may correspond to a need that is not met in the market;
  • It can have an innovative production line;
  • It can be the first on the Quebec market.

Key steps

  1. Present your innovative products in as much detail as possible at this address:
  2. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you within 72 hours.
    More information will be sent to you at that time.



Products outside Quebec: RangeMe

RangeMe is an online platform that makes it easier for us to discover new products. This is intended for suppliers located outside Quebec.

How RangeMe works

  • upload iconCreate a product profile
    he upload process will help you enter all the key info we need to see.
  • View iconYour product is matched with the right category buyer
    Clever technology ensures you're showcasing your assortment to the right person.
  • Feedback iconBuyers review your products
    You will receive a notification once your product has been reviewed.



Responsible procurement

A fundamental aspect of our business activities​

METRO’s ambition is to implement responsible practices within our supply chain to offer our customers products that respect workers and the environment.

It is in this perspective that the Supplier Code of Conduct for responsible procurement was updated in January 2022. In an effort to constantly improve its performance in terms of corporate responsibility, METRO actively seeks to conduct business with suppliers that share the company’s commitment and proactively integrate responsible practices into their activities.

For more information, see the Responsible Procurement section.