Corporate Responsibility



The health and well-being of our colleagues are primary conditions for us to truly embody our purpose and ensure our organizational effectiveness. We therefore build on occupational health and safety, respectful labour relations, talent management and an ethical, inclusive, respectful and positive work environment.


Equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I)


Our ambition is to strengthen our actions to support an equitable, diverse and inclusive work environment that reflects the customers we serve. We also aim to provide customers with a shopping experience with which they identify in terms of product offer and customer service. We want our initiatives to be a driving force to accelerate the transition to a society rooted in ED&I values.

employees diversity

We believe in an inclusive culture that values, respects and builds on our employees’ differences.

We also believe in a team that represents the broad diversity of the customers and communities we serve.

In 2015, we implemented a Diversity Policy, which aims to:

  • Foster a diverse work environment, free of discrimination and harassment
  • Provide equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees

See our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (ED&I)(PDF)

Resource groups

In 2021, two new resource groups were created for and by METRO employees in Québec and Ontario: one for members of the Black community and the other for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Along with the Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN), the groups provide a discussion forum for participants and help raise awareness within METRO.

Ongoing dialogue

We support diversity and inclusion in society and understand that further thought is necessary. We initiated a dialogue within METRO to recognize, learn about and become allies of this cause. We remain committed to setting out a path for the future, including the ways in which we interact publicly and with our employees.


Women at METRO

The Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN) emphasizes the exchange of ideas, experiences and contacts.

Created in 2015, this program supports the career development of women within the organization through initiatives including conferences, training sessions, workshops and networking events.

METRO aims to contribute to the advancement of women and promote their access to senior positions.

In 2021, close to 45% of the management and professional positions filled by external applicants were women.

2021 profile



18,836 women

These data include employees in our administration and distribution centres in Québec and Ontario (food and pharmacy), Super C stores in Québec and pharmacies and corporate stores in Ontario.

Senior management


14 women out of 58 positions

These data include employees with a title of Vice President or President.



154 women out of 651 positions

These data include managers in our administrative and distribution centres and corporate stores in Ontario and Super C in Québec.

Board of Directors


4 women out of 13 members

Gender balance target for the Board of Directors: 30%

For more details on our initiatives, see our Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 (PDF)


Occupational health and safety (OHS)

We are continuing our efforts to maintain and improve a health and safety culture focused on prevention. We carry out rigorous follow-ups to ensure all employees comply with our safe working methods and procedures.

factory employee

Our commitments

To our employees:

prevent work-related injuries and illnesses

To the public:

provide a safe shopping environment


Keys to OHS

Our preventive actions are rooted in three essential elements:

  • Active employee participation
  • Collaboration with our union partners
  • Commitment from managers to identify risks

Our intention

Improve our performance with respect to:

  • Frequency and severity of work-related accidents
  • Number of lost days

For more details on our initiatives, see our Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 (PDF)

employee and COVID-19


From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our grocery stores and pharmacies were at the heart of communities’ lives.

We were proactive in protecting the health and safety of our people and customers and quick to provide support for our employees.

Some of the measures that were implemented:

  • Regular cleaning in our stores and pharmacies to meet the strictest hygiene standards
  • Customer traffic management in our establishments
  • Intensification of safety measures across our supply chain

Continuous updates

For the sake of transparency, we provide continuous updates on the situation and a list of food stores and distribution centres affected by cases of COVID-19.

See the COVID-19 section of our website


Careers at METRO

employees pride

To work at METRO is to evolve within a major organization that asserts its leadership in food and pharmacy in a responsible manner.

We offer a complete range of employee benefits, as well as professional development and career advancement opportunities.

For more information on our work environment and employment opportunities, visit the Careers section of our website.