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Benefits and pension plan

A complete array of benefits, such as a pension plan, a group insurance and a generous vacation policy which also includes personal days in addition to a competitive salary.

METRO also has innovative measures to improve employees' wellbeing. For example, the Quebec head office was one of the first to offer workplace daycare facilities. Now METRO, proud to help young families, has expanded the daycare to babies.

Employee training

To ensure its future growth, METRO relies on a competent and qualified team, able to meet different challenges. For example, the retail division has created practical training programs and management skills development activities to meet the future needs of the company.

Structured training programs have been implemented to train and support new employees as well as employees coming into a new position. Developing operation and people management skills, as well as  technical skills required by our distribution  centres and information systems (SAP and EXE) is a top priority.

Internal promotions

To retain and develop talent, METRO created a career path program. So reaching the top is possible. This maintains our organizational memory, insuring better knowledge transfer between levels.

Facilitating the movement of personnel between departments allows our employees to become more versatile.


Diversity is an important core value of the company. 

METRO representatives are present at various diversity events. Several partnerships with different organizations have also been created.

  • Interconnexion: Offering newly arrived immigrants experience in a Canadian workplace.
  • Alliés Montréal: A network of employers who promote cultural diversity in the workplace.
  • CAMO: A network of organizations that promote the integration of disabled individuals in the workplace.
  • Veterans: Each year, METRO hires retired military who are ready to meet new challenges in our company.

METRO ’s Diversity Policy

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Mentoring program

The METRO team created a mentoring program to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise to our high potential employees. We offer an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue and challenge. 

Mentoring allows employees to receive the support and advice of a carefully selected mentor, chosen for his expertise in a given sector.

Will you be the next mentoree?


METRO believes it is important to recognize the sustained efforts and contributions of employees who have worked for the company for several years. Over 15 years ago, the company created a program to recognize our long service of employees.

Each year, METRO employees with more than 25 years of service are invited to a celebration held in their honour. Employees receive a gift of their choice, presented to them by the Vice President of their division and the Vice President of Human Resources.

Students and Graduates

Looking for an internship or your first professional experience?
We offer many possibilities to students and graduates.
Our involvement with various universities makes us sensitive to the needs
of students and allows us to offer stimulating jobs and internships. 

We believe in the potential of today’s students to become the managers of tomorrow.

METRO is also proud to give several university scholarships each year. 

We are always looking
​for new talent
We owe our great reputation in the industry to the calibre and expertise of our employees.
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