Directors' Skills

List of Competencies and Expectations of Directors. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the personal competencies and values which the directors of the Corporation should demonstrate as well as of the expectations with respect to such directors.

1. Background and Experience

The directors of the Corporation must have superior experience, knowledge, competencies and a background which will allow them to make a significant contribution to the Corporation’s Board of Directors and its committees.

2. Integrity and Accountability

The directors of the Corporation must show integrity and respect the highest ethical and fiduciary standards, in particular those set forth in the code of ethics of the Corporation’s directors.

3. Knowledge

The directors of the Corporation must have the appropriate knowledge to fulfill their duties well. Specifically, they must fully understand their role and duties and be able to read financial statements as well as understand the use of financial ratios and other measures of the Corporation’s performance. They must also continually expand their knowledge of the Corporation’s operations and the major trends in the business sector in which the Corporation operates.

4. Contribution

The directors of the Corporation must significantly contribute to the proceedings and work of the Board and its committees including by expressing their point of view in an objective, logical and persuasive manner. They must be able to propose new ideas while keeping in mind the strategies of the Corporation and objectives that it must achieve.

5. Teamwork

The directors of the Corporation must work as a team in an effective and productive manner. They must show respect for others, specifically by listening to and taking the points of view of others into consideration.

6. Availability, Preparation and Attendance at Meetings

The directors of the Corporation must be sufficiently available to fulfill their role properly. They must also adequately prepare themselves for all meetings of the Board and its committees and attend such meetings, except in exceptional circumstances.

7. Advice

The directors of the Corporation must exercise judgment based on sound information and solid reasoning as well as be able to provide wise and thoughtful advice on a wide range of issues.


8. Vision and Strategy

The Directors of the Corporation must always act in the best interests of the Corporation and all of its shareholders and stakeholders. To do so, they musk know how to step back, think along strategic lines and foresee future trends as well as possible consequences.