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Metro Local purchasing program – 91 products from Ottawa region arrive at Metro
City to become first region in province to benefit from increased accessibility of local products

Toronto, ON, March 23, 2017 – Metro today announces the arrival in store of 91 news products from 19 different suppliers from the Ottawa region, as a result of the pilot project currently underway in that region. The products will be from the deli, dairy, grocery, meat, frozen grocery, bakery and produce categories. Beginning in Mid-March, customers at 25 stores in the Ottawa market will be able to purchase unique products either made or developed in their area.

The success of the pilot project will be continuously monitored and evaluated in the coming months and will influence how the program grows and develops in other markets in Ontario. The ultimate goal will be to have the local purchasing program available across the province.

"The Ottawa pilot project will be the first proof-point in Metro’s commitment to provide easier access to our customers to more local products," said Joe Fusco, Senior Vice President, Metro Ontario. “They will truly appreciate the wide range of unique regional items that we are now able to offer them.”

“We are delighted with Metro’s initiative to put forward products from the Ottawa region under this pilot project that further promotes local seasonal foods and works to help consumers recognize and ask for Ontario-grown foods at their local grocery store. We hope that these new agreements will benefit the people of Ottawa, suppliers, and in a more general way, the socio-economic development of the region,” said Denise Zaborowski, Manager, Foodland Ontario.

“enerjive is thrilled to be part of the Metro Local Purchasing Program in Ottawa! Being directly placed into 25 stores with eight different products will close to double the local distribution in Ottawa, making our crackers widely available across the region.” Said Korey Kealey, CEO of enerjive Inc., one of the first suppliers to participate. “It feels like a lucky break to be placed into a grouping of stores after organically growing our brand store by store for five years. We are so excited and welcome the opportunity to celebrate local goodness with other brands and Metro!

Said Pietro Comino, General Manager of Francesco’s Coffee, "Francesco's Coffee is independently owned and operated by your friends and neighbours in Ottawa, Ontario”. Metro's local sourcing program has made our local products available to a much wider market and has allowed us to create two new full-time positions and grow our operation significantly.”

Local Purchasing Program
On June 10th, 2016, Metro launched its local purchasing program in Ontario, which aims to optimize the accessibility and promotion of local products. The program, which is part of Metro's overall corporate responsibility approach, is based on three guiding principles and aims to make Metro a unique showcase for regional products; A key partner of Foodland Ontario and sectoral agri-food associations that promote Ontario products; a key ally of to Ontario innovative suppliers. The local purchasing policy can be consulted on The Metro 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report is also available online at

About Metro inc.
With annual sales of over $12 billion and over 65,000 employees, METRO INC. is a leader in the food and pharmaceutical distribution in Québec and Ontario, where it operates a network of more than 600 food stores under several banners including Metro, Food Basics, Metro Plus and Super C, as well as over 250 drugstores under the Brunet, Metro Pharmacy and Drug Basics banners.



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