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The 93th Super C Opens its Doors in La Prairie

Montréal, June 16, 2016 -  After more than 6 months of work, the new Super C in La Prairie, the 93rd of the chain in Quebec, opened its doors this morning. With a total surface area of 38,000 square feet, the project was made possible through an investment of more than $ 7 million. No less than 60 people are employed by this new store discount.

Zero compromise
At Super C, customers make zero compromise thanks to satisfaction guarantees: always fresh, always in stock, always great prices. Consumers shopping at this brand new store will have access to a counter with quality meats prepared by butchers on-site, a bakery where bread will be baked on-site every day, a self-serve cheese and deli meat department, a wide variety of fresh produce, as well as a large offering of grocery products, including several being offered under the Selection and Irresistibles private labels.

The products of the region will also be well represented, including the Blue Orchid source of water from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, products of Ferme St-Ours, of Gourmaïs in St-Hubert and the Chocolate Old Beloeil.

"The opening of Super C in the area of La Prairie will allow our citizens to have access to a very wide range of regional products nearby. In this way, the new supermarket will help revitalize our community and to enhance the attractiveness of its environment, in addition to stimulating the economy of the whole community, "said MPP of La Prairie, Richard Merlini.

The environment at the heart of the project
The Super C La Prairie is a leader of the effort side towards reducing the environmental footprint. It is equipped with a refrigeration system operating with CO2, which significantly reduces GHG emissions compared to standard refrigerants: for every pound gas that escapes into the atmosphere, CO2 is nearly 4,000 times less damaging that a commonly used refrigerant (R404a). The heat rejected by the refrigeration system is also used to heat the store. Finally, Super C La Prairie innovates by being the first store of the fully-lit LED string. Whether lighting refrigerated counters, general store lighting (which is modulated according to the occupation for increased economy) or even parking, everything has been designed with an efficient and sustainable vision, enabling experience pleasant shopping while maximizing energy savings.

Ms. Josée Racicot, store director, as well as her entire team, can’t wait to welcome customers.


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