2020-06-14 | Varennes Distribution Centre: METRO sets the record straight

Varennes Distribution Centre: METRO sets the record straight

June 14, 2020

The Syndicat des Travailleuses et Travailleurs de PJC Entrepôt – CSN (STTPJC-CSN) has obtained a strike mandate at a meeting held earlier today. This mandate allows the union to strike at a time of its choosing. 

Fair and equitable agreement without labour dispute
From the outset, we have wanted to reach a fair and equitable agreement with the union that takes into account the needs of our employees, as well as those of our pharmacist-owners and customers, while ensuring that the Jean Coutu Group remains efficient in an increasingly competitive market. A conciliator was appointed by the Ministry of Labour at our request given the gap between union and management demands. We were invited to, and participated in, a first meeting with the conciliator on June 9 and have already confirmed that we will participate in the next meetings that the conciliator is organizing.

Favourable conditions
The Varennes distribution centre employees benefit from a collective agreement that compares most favourably to all of the Jean Coutu Group's competitors. The workspaces in which they work are at the cutting edge of technology and focused on well-being.

Temporary wage premium of $2/hour
As announced on May 22, the $2/hour wage premium offered to METRO food store and distribution centre employees since March 8 ceased on Saturday, June 13. As an additional recognition, our full-time employees will receive $200 and our part-time employees will receive $100 to be paid by July 2.

We would like to point out that the $2/hour premium has been paid to employees at the Varennes distribution centre since March 8, even though we have not experienced the same type of volume increase as in our other centres. Under the circumstances, it was important for METRO to treat all its distribution centre employees equitably.

Our priority: the supply chain
In the event of a conflict, the Jean Coutu Group will implement a contingency plan, the priority of which will be to supply the pharmacies with medication to ensure patient safety and to maintain, as much as possible, the inventories of the establishments it serves throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.