Corporate Responsibility

Delighted Customers

Our Customer-Centric Approach
is at the very foundation of our business and the key element of our corporate responsibility strategy.

2018 Highlights

Increasing interest in Irresistibles Naturalia and Irresistibles Organics

71% rise in the number of products under these private brands.


Implementation of responsible procurement

• Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture:
policy updated and released in June 2018.
• Fruits and vegetables: signing of an international ethical charter on responsible labour practices for produce.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Growing number of initiatives to support products and habits for healthy living: tips, recipes and promotions to better serve our customers.

See also

Respect for the Environment

Making responsible choices in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

Strengthened Communities

Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and source our merchandise.

Empowered Employees

Creating an ethical, safe and healthy work environment

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