Corporate Responsibility

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Meeting our customers’ needs is at the core of METRO’s business strategy. We aim to provide consumers with products that meet their expectations and we work toward a more responsible supply chain. Our priorities are to ensure the quality and safety of food products, promote health and offer responsible products. Read the 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF).


Responsible procurement

Responsible procurement is a fundamental aspect of our business activities. We also know how important it is to our customers.

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Management tools

We have developed a number of tools to provide a framework for our responsible procurement, including:

Supplier Code of Conduct for responsible procurement (PDF) based on the principles of:

  • business ethics
  • respect for workers
  • environmental protection
  • respect for animal health and welfare

Responsible Procurement Framework (PDF) for the food sector

Local Purchasing Policy (PDF)

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy (PDF)


METRO has made a number of commitments to broaden its responsible product offer. For example, as early as 2017, the Corporation committed to:

  • expand its offer of organic products
  • expand its offer of certified fair-trade products
  • for aquaculture salmon and shrimp, ensure 100% of private brand products are certified by Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP)

Follow METRO’s progress on these commitments in the 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Read more on METRO’s commitments in the Responsible Procurement Framework (PDF)

To learn more about our approach to animal welfare, see our statement.

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Metro also released the My Health My Choices guide to help customers easily identify the attributes of products (e.g. organic and fair trade).

Discover the guide

Local purchasing

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Implemented in all regions across Ontario and Québec, METRO’s local purchasing program supports homegrown operations and contributes to business activities in several areas. It also provides customers with the local products they seek.

  • We provide good visibility for local products in stores, in paper and online flyers and in social media.
  • We work to build sustainable relationships with innovative local suppliers that stand out by their production methods and the originality of their products.
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Some of our local suppliers

La Fabrique à pizzaBaristaMAMI VEGANNerpy’sHalenda’s MeatsAbokichi

For more information on Metro’s collaborations with these suppliers, read the 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF)

Go to the Communities section for more details on our initiatives

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Ma cabane à la maison initiative

In 2021, Metro lent a hand to sugar shacks across Québec by creating drop off points for their home meal kits as part of the Ma cabane à la maison initiative. Metro is proud to have done its part to help protect an important part of Québec’s cultural heritage.

To learn more about the project

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Ocean health and the preservation of natural resources are vital. At METRO, we know that the fishing and aquaculture industries face challenges related to the sustainability of fish and seafood stocks and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. This is why we have chosen to support best sourcing practices in our fish counters.

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Responsible and ethical procurement

Our Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy (PDF) covers fresh, frozen and canned fish and seafood. It provides a framework for our sourcing practices and is based on five principles that foster responsible and ethical procurement:

Healthy species icon

Healthy species

Responsible operating methods icon

Responsible operating methods

Product traceability icon

Product traceability

Respect for workers icon

Respect for workers

Socioeconomic development icon

Socioeconomic development

Learn more about our implementation program. Depending on the status of the stocks and operating methods used, METRO may place certain species under observation as part of its ongoing improvement program or temporarily withdraw them until issues are resolved.

Product traceability

Product traceability is at the heart of our approach, and we want to communicate clear and comprehensive information on the products in our fish counters to our customers.

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Freshness You Can Trace program

From the fishing or farming zone to the plate, customers can trace the provenance of the fish and seafood they purchase.

See Metro's Freshness You Can Trace section.

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Responsibly sourced products

Private brand products with the responsibly sourced product label meet all the requirements set out in our Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy.