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Food recovery in 65 Metro and Super C stores

Montreal, May 11, 2015 -  Metro is pleased to announce the implementation of the food recovery program, in partnership with Moisson Montréal, in some 65 Metro and Super C stores on the Island of Montreal and the South Shore by the fall. Approximately forty community organizations will benefit from over 10,000 kg of food every week, including meat, enabling them to cook meals and redistribute the food to thousands of people in need on a weekly basis. 

“Meat is the most sought-after item by food banks, which shows how important this project is, and the real impact that it will have on thousands of people every week,” said Dany Michaud, Executive Director of Moisson Montréal. “In all, the 65 Metro and Super C stores will allow to recover about one million kilograms of food per year, the equivalent of 88,000 shopping carts."

Although we constantly try to minimize food loss in our stores, the very nature of our activities results in occasional losses. That’s why we’re so happy to be working with Moisson Montréal to reduce food waste, knowing that this food is being redistributed and consumed by people who need it”, said Marie-Claude Bacon, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs for Metro. “We are determined to extend the project to as many stores as possible across Quebec, according to the availability of the Moissons in the different regions. A pilot project will in fact be getting underway in two Quebec City Metro stores very soon.” 

The conclusive pilot project carried out in 11 stores in the greater Montreal area provided many learning experiences for all of the participants involved in the project, and also confirmed that the food recovery model proposed by Moisson Montréal is sustainable and beneficial for every link in the local food chain.

This agreement is in keeping with the spirit of Metro’s Community Investment Program, in which the company invests an amount equal to 1% of its average net earnings over the last three years. The program rests on two pillars: food accessibility, which the food recovery program is linked to, and promoting a healthy diet, from which stems the Metro Green Apple School Program. Click here to consult Metro’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility update. 

About Metro Inc.
With annual sales of over $11 billion, METRO INC. (TSX: MRU), founded in 1947, is the only major Canadian food distribution company to have its head office in Quebec. Along with its affiliates and franchisees, METRO INC. employs in Quebec and Ontario over 65,000 people, whose mission is to satisfy their customers every day and earn their-long term loyalty. METRO INC. operates a network of almost 600 food stores under several banners including Metro, Metro Plus, Super C and Food Basics, as well as over 250 drugstores under the Brunet, The Pharmacy and Drug Basics banners.

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About Moisson Montréal
A non-profit organization founded in 1984, Moisson Montreal is today the largest food bank in Canada. Through its centre for collecting, sorting and distributing emergency food assistance, the organization allocates nearly 1,000 tons of food per month to more than 240 accredited community organizations on the Island of Montreal. In turn, these organizations provide food assistance to 140,000 people, including more than 20,000 children between the ages of 0 and 5. Moisson Montreal receives funding and supplies mainly through donations. Its operations require the collaboration of nearly 8,000 volunteers each year and result in the redistribution of about $75 million worth of groceries annually. For additional information: