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January 22, 2014 - Sustainable Fisheries Policy: Metro launches Irresistibles Life Smart pole caught canned tuna

Montreal, January 22, 2014 – Metro is pleased to announce the launch of its new Irresistibles Life Smart pole caught canned tuna product. The skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), is very resilient thanks to its rapid growth and very high fertility. The tuna is pole caught, an ancestral fishing technique that is practiced while respecting marine resources.

The Irresistibles Life Smart canned tuna is also a very healthy choice, because it is a high quality source of protein, has plenty of essential fatty acids and is low in sodium. In fact, it was all of these health benefits that enabled this new product to be part of the Life Smart line of Irresistibles products, which will feature more than 400 products by the end of 2015, in conjunction with the My healthy plate with Metro program launched in October, 2013.

“Since adopting our Sustainable Fisheries Policy in May of 2010, we have continued our progress to offer our customers responsible seafood products” said Claude Jauvin, Vice-President, National Procurement -Fresh Products, and Chairman of Metro’s Sustainable Fisheries Committee. “In conjunction with our industry partners and suppliers, and under the supervision of an oceanographer – employed by Metro since January of 2011 – we continue to improve our performance with respect to the responsible procurement of seafood products.”

By launching this new canned tuna product, Metro recognizes that part of the solution to the sustainable fisheries issue rests in diversifying its offerings, in terms of the species being offered as well as alternative fishing methods.

The Irresistibles Life Smart pole caught tuna is available in Metro and Super C stores in Quebec, as well as in Metro and Food Basics stores in Ontario.

A reminder that in May of 2010 Metro announced the adoption of a Sustainable Fisheries Policy, based on four main criteria: healthy species, sustainable operating methods, product traceability, local economy and Labour Law. Since then, many initiatives have been put forward by Metro, including the withdrawal of threatened species (2010 and 2012), setting up informative labelling for products packaged in-store (2010) an evaluation of the commercial species diagnoses based on the latest scientific facts and reports (2012), the development of a traceability information sheet for the packaging of private brand seafood products (2012), the implementation of new purchasing criteria for species classified in continuous improvement (underway), training for personnel concerned (on a continuous basis), as well as several communications using various platforms intended to inform consumers about the issue of sustainable fisheries (on a continuous basis).
The efforts made with respect to the responsible procurement of seafood products are the result of Metro’s commitments within the context of its Corporate Responsibility approach for Delighted Customers, aimed at offering responsible products.

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