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April 2, 2012 - Brunet adds new innovations to MaSanté  

Montréal, April 2, 2012 – Always breaking new ground, Brunet has added new, innovative functions to its exclusive MaSanté tool, a unique concept that allows clients to take care of their health with a variety of personalised tools.

The new “Family Health Management” function oné ensures that all Quebeckers have access to the pharmaceutical files of all members of their family and the ability to manage those files.

“Our research confirms that, now more than ever, Quebeckers want to be implicated in their own health management. With the new ‘Family Health Management’ function, families will have greater secure access at all times to the health information they need. At the same time, this strengthens the relationship that Quebeckers have with their pharmacist. This helps to free up pharmacist availability while reinforcing the client relationship with these health professionals,” says Serge Boulanger, Vice-President and General Manager for McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique inc., the franchiser and holding company for Brunet.

Sophie Larouche, Pharmacist, Director of Professional Services for McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique, adds: “In the contest of expanded responsibilities for pharmacists and the continued mission of the Quebec government for natural help and home care for elderly people, the new ‘Family Health Management’ function becomes even more important. It allows our clients and their families to:

  • consult the health files of those close to them (parents, children) at anytime from anywhere;
  • make automatic renewal of prescriptions;
  • access the medical history of those close to you to better follow their treatment;
  • view photos that will simplify the identification of medications.”

Undeniably, the new “Family Health Management” function will constitute a vital aid for managers of seniors residences.

“Once again, Brunet introduces a unique service. One year ago, Brunet launched MaSanté, a first in Canada. Today MaSanté’s ‘Family Health Management’ function creates a precursor in the development of advanced health services for families, caregivers, geriatric care professionals and parents,” adds Frantz Leuenberger, Vice-President Pharmacy at TELUS Health Solutions, Brunet’s technological partner in developing the program.

In addition to the new “Family Health Management” function announced today, MaSanté continues to provide the following unique services:

  • consult your personal file online, 24/7;
  • request online prescription refills;
  • receive medication reminders on your smartphone;
  • consult health information and additional information on prescriptions;
  • follow key personal details like weight, glucose levels and blood pressure.

Founded in 1855, Brunet offers Quebeckers personalised advice and services related to their health. It continually pursues the development of new products and services. Brunet is owned by McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique inc., a subsidiary of Metro Richelieu inc. McMahon has a network of 180 pharmaceutical establishments under the banners Brunet, Brunet Plus, Brunet Clinique and Clini Plus, employing almost 3,000 people.




​Jean-Louis Dufresne
Vice-President, General Manager of BCP

Source: McMahon Distributeur Pharmaceutique inc.