2020-03-26 | Employee diagnosed with COVID-19: measures taken by METRO

Employee diagnosed with COVID-19: measures taken by METRO

March 26, 2020

We were notified on Wednesday, March 25, of a confirmed case among our colleagues. We take the situation very seriously. We were prepared and deployed the protocol that was planned.

What we did:

  • We have immediately contacted Public Health to confirm next steps, share our protocol and confirm alignment;
  • We are making sure our employee is in isolation, safe and follows Public Health’s recommendations.
  • We met with our employees to inform them of the situation;
  • We immediately put in place an emergency sanitation protocol with a specialized firm to disinfect the site.

What we will continue to do:

  • We will continue to reinforce our preventive measures with our employees and customers
  • We will continue to clean our sites on a regular basis according to very high standards of hygiene and with equipment rounds, particularly in high traffic and high touch points areas of the site


We encourage you to make good use of our grocery stores and pharmacies by consolidating your purchases to limit your trips. Designate only one person in your household to do the shopping. These are simple ways to reduce traffic in our establishments and ensure that social distancing measures are respected.