Corporate Responsibility

Empowered Employees

A top priority for METRO is to provide an ethical, safe and healthy work environment
with a dynamic culture of respect, diversity and professional and ethical conduct.

Highlights 2018

Improvement in our workplace health and
safety indicators

Compared to 2017, 3.7% decrease in
the frequency and 14.2% decrease in
the severity of injuries and 15.2% drop
in days lost.


Flexible work options

Implementation of a flexible work
schedule program to help employees
better balance their professional and
personal obligations.


Ongoing recruitment efforts

126 interns, 500 people at our open
house events, partnerships and
participation in conferences and
employment fairs.



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Our customer-centric approach is the key element of our corporate responsibility strategy.

Respect for the Environment

Making responsible choices in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

Strenghtened Communities

Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and source our merchandise.