Corporate Responsibility

Community Investment

Community Investment Program

Nourishing for growth

Metro has made a commitment to allocate an amount equal to 1% of the average net profit over the past three years to its Community Investment Program.

Our three pillars

Access to food

Help the underprivileged members of its community to eat healthy foods.


Healthy eating habits

Promote healthy eating.
​Provide families with tools and tips to eat better.


Corporate donations

As the largest food and pharmaceutical distributor in Quebec, particpate in major fundraising campaigns (health, education, culture, fight against poverty, etc.)


Donation or sponsorship request

Every year, Metro redistributes an average of almost $11 million in cash or products
to various organizations in the communities in which we operate, through donations or sponsorships. 

Particularly in Quebec, Metro and its employees contribute over $1 million dollars each year to Centraide,
which supports a vast network of community and social services.
In 2012 we also created the Metro Green Apple School Program, whose goal is to encourage students in Quebec and in Ontario 
to develop healthy eating habits, in which Metro and its managers invest $1.5 million a year. 

If the scope of your organization or your project is regional, we invite you to contact the store in your area.
Please note that because of the very large number of requests received, managers cannot contribute to every event. 

To submit a sponsorship request, click here .

Thank you for thinking of Metro.