Finance and Accounting

Career Description

Finance and Accounting

A career in this department will give you the opportunity to experience and see all facets of accounting as well as the sense of belonging to a strong team that anticipate standards. 

This department ensures the company’s financial soundness through numbers. What distinguishes the company? The constant collaboration, day in and day out, of its various teams that enables Metro to maintain its pride of place in the Canadian food market while respecting accepted accounting standards.

Everyone on this team plays a crucial role in developing and planning the financial strategies that keeps Metro competitive. The team also plays an important advisory role in the decision-making process of the various divisions.


Treasury and Insurance – Margins Analyst – Billing – Accounting – Accounts Payable/Receivable – Payroll – Credit


Financial – Budget – Accounting – Income – Margins 


Risk and Investor Relations – Financial Systems – Accounting Standards – Accounting – Payroll – Budgetary Control – Taxation


Financial Analysis - Margins  Accounting – Accounts – Income – Credit – Payroll


Accounting – Credit – Treasury and Insurance 


Financial Services – Treasury, Risk and Investor Relations – Taxation –Payroll – Compliance 



Christian's Passion


Christian, CGA 
Vice-President and Controller, Quebec division

"When I started at Metro 25 years ago as a financial/budget analyst, I didn’t dream that Metro would allow me to face so many challenges in such an exciting field: the food industry. I was able to make the most of my skills in various positions: section head, controller and senior director. I am proud to be ranked among the decision-makers of this great organization where team spirit reigns!"

Kelly's Passion


Accounts Payable Supervisor

"It’s hard to believe it has been 16 years already, I started as a part time cashier in our stores and now I am proud to say I am an Accounts Payable Supervisor  working towards an Accounting Diploma that will assist me with opportunities to advance further in my career at Metro. I take pride in my work and enjoy the many fun things the company supports throughout the year like; Summer Employee Appreciation BBQ’s, Halloween contests, department events like potluck lunches and the amazing charity support we all can be a part of to support underprivileged children. I am proud to tell others I work for Metro, it is a great company to work for!​"

Gabriela's Passion


Senior Financial Analyst - Financial Planning

“I started working at Metro twelve years ago as a Scan Coordinator. After holding a variety of positions, I am now a Senior Financial Analyst in Financial Planning. I am proud to work for a company that promotes environmentally friendly programs such as, “Leave it Greener Week”, “Sustainable Fisheries”, and the “Green Apple Program”. Metro also has a strong sense of Canadian identity by having a very recognizable logo. The company does a great job in making people feel valued (both employees and customers) by treating individuals with respect and dignity. I am so grateful to be part of a company that strives to give its best to both its employees, customers, and just as importantly, the community.”