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Pharmaceutical Sector

More than 250 drugstores and pharmacies

under the banners Brunet, Clini Plus, Pharmacy and Drug Basics.

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McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique Inc.

McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique inc. is a subsidiary of Metro Richelieu inc. and specializes in distributing pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products in Quebec and Ontario. McMahon serves pharmacies for with it is also the franchisor (Brunet, Brunet Plus, Brunet Clinique and Clini Plus), as well as grocery stores (Metro, Super C, Food Basics), community centres, and different health care institutions including hospitals. In 2015, its network includes more than 182 affiliated pharmacists whose businesses continue to grow every year.

Metro Ontario Pharmacies Limited

Metro Ontario Pharmacies Limited, a subsidiary of Metro Ontario Inc, itself a subsidiary of Metro Inc., operates pharmacies across Ontario.The pharmacies operate under Pharmacy and Drug Basics banners with 71 locations across Ontario in select Metro and Food Basics grocery stores.

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Established in 1855, Brunet’s engagement is to provide Quebecers with personalized advice and services related to their health. As a subsidiary of McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique inc., Brunet manages a network of more than 182 pharmaceutical establishments under the Brunet, Brunet Plus and Brunet Clinique. Brunet is also over 161 pharmacist owners and 3,000 employees that have the health and well-being of Quebecers at heart. And because health is all that matters, Brunet continues its development by continuously improving its products and services, through strategic partnerships, technological innovations and concrete actions within the community.

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Drug Basics Pharmacy

The Drug Basics banner is located in 28 Food Basics grocery stores. Drug Basics is a full-service pharmacy and offers customers professional services such as health reminders, medical profiles, blood pressure monitoring, medication and syringe disposal, as well as drive-through service in select locations. The pharmacy team is dedicated to providing customers with quality patient-focused health care.

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The Pharmacy banner is located in 43 select Metro grocery stores. The Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient-focused care. Professional pharmacy services include personalized medical profile, medication waste and syringe disposal, blood pressure monitoring and a diabetes patient care program. The Pharmacy also organizes a variety of health days for customers.


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As of March 17, 2018