Claude Dussault

Claude Dussault



Québec, Quebec
Age 66
Director since 2005
President of ACVA Investing Corporation


Mr. Dussault is President of ACVA Investing Corporation, a private portfolio
management company, and has also been chair of the board of directors of
Intact Financial Corporation since January 1, 2008. He has held various
management positions within the ING Group for more than 20 years, including
President and Chief Executive Officer of ING Canada Inc. (now Intact Financial
Corporation). Mr. Dussault is an actuary and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute
of Actuaries and of the Casualty Actuarial Society. He holds a Bachelor’s
degree in Actuarial Science from Université Laval and has also participated in
the Advanced Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania
(Wharton School of Business).


  • Human Resources 
  • Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee


As of January 26, 2021