Corporate Responsibility

Strengthened Communities

Making a Positive Contribution
to the communities in which we operate and source our merchandise.

2016 Highlights

Launch of the Local Purchasing Program in Ontario - Launched in Ottawa as a pilot project with a view to expansion across Ontario, the program aims to promote local products to make them more accessible to Metro and Food Basics customers.

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Expansion of the Récupartage program in Quebec - 1,000 tonnes of food was recovered from our participating stores and donated to 140 organizations: the equivalent of 2,210,920 meals.

Over $11 million to support communities - Including METRO’s cash and food donations: 1.6% of the corporation’s average net income of the past three years, employee donations and funds raised through our network.

What’s new


2019 METRO's employee volunteering initiative

Making a difference, one act of kindness at a timeFrom June 3 to 14, more than 325 employees answered the call to make a difference, one act of kindness at a time. Nearly 1,300 hours were donated to 20 local organizations in partnership with United Way. Watch the video to see our employees in action!




One more bite

Thanks to our store food recovery program One More Bite, food that would otherwise have been thrown out or composted, but is still good to eat, is now being recovered by regional food bank outlets in Quebec and various community organizations in Ontario. Unsold products such as meat, prepared dishes, dairy and bakery products are saved and then redistributed to local organizations, who cook the products and then offer meals to those in need.


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