Corporate Responsibility

Respect for the Environment

Making Responsible Choices
in every aspect of the business in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

2015 Highlights

We exceeded our target of reducing our landfilled waste by 25% as compared to 2010.  Result:  25.45%.


We exceeded our target of reducing our energy consumption by 10% as compared to 2010.  Result:  10.12%



We lowered the intensity of annual GHG emission from 25.2 kg eq. CO2 /ft2 to 22.6 kg eq. CO2/pi2.




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Delighted Customers

Our customer-centric approach is the key element of our corporate responsibility strategy.

Strengthened Communities

Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate and source our merchandise.

Empowered Employees

Creating an ethical, safe and healthy work environment

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